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The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) now awards points for a "Credentialed Community Language". The points are awarded to applicants accredited by NAATI as a translator or interpreter at the Paraprofessional level or above.

At Nova Education and Migration we run orientation courses on NAATI Para-Professional Interpreting English/Nepali (Both Direction). Aim of this course is to provide overall NAATI (Nep/Eng) test ideas .Students will be provided useful techniques, theories and strategies to attend the NAATI test.

  1. What we will cover?
    1. This NAATI Preparation Orientation Course will guide you how to gain maximum score in the test.

    2. All the example and demonstrations will be in your languages, so you can easily understand the explanation of all types of possible errors in interpreting.

    3. You are expected to have a very high level of competency in English as well as your language.

    4. We cannot provide you with the grammatical and linguistic knowledge of your own native language and English.

  2. Course Content
    1. Social and cultural aspect of both LOTE speaking country and Australia.

    2. Ethics requirement in working as a Para-professional interpreter in Australia.

    3. Student will get knowledge of major dialogue topics.

    4. Student will gain overall ideas about NAATI test.

    5. Common types of interpreting errors in interpreting from English to Nepali and vise versa.

    6. Major techniques to convey speech from Nepali to English and vice versa.

    7. Students will get 1 mock test (similar to the real examination) and will receive teacher’s feedback.

  3. Who should attend?
    1. People who want to get extra 5 points for their residency application.

    2. People who intend to take a NAATI Test and have a rough understanding about the test.

    3. University Students who want to gain a better understanding about translation & interpreting and going to give NAATI (Nep/Eng) test.

  4. Must Know
    1. This course is not run by NAATI and we are not affiliated with NAATI.

    2. Once completing this course does not means that student will pass the test. Pass the test entirely depend upon the individual student performance.

    3. Once completing this course does not automatically grant you NAATI accreditation or 5 points (It is just an orientation class).

    4. We only help you, through this NAATI preparation course, to prepare your NAATI test.

    5. After you finish the course, you will need to contact NAATI to book your NAATI Test.

    6. You are only granted with NAATI accreditation after you hit the enough score.