Partner Visa

Partner Visa

There are several visa options for a partner of an 'Australian', who must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New-Zealand resident. The suitability of each option depends on the type and length of relationship with the Australian partner and whether the applicant is in Australia when applying.

Eligibility You might be able to get a visa if you are :
  • Engaged to an Australian and want to marry after the grant of the visa, or
  • Engaged to an Australian and plan to marry before the grant of the visa, or
  • Married to an Australian, or
  • In a de-facto relationship with an Australian.
Prospective Marriage Visa If you are engaged to an Australian and want to marry after the grant of the visa, but does not meet the criteria for another Partner Visa, you need to:
  • Apply first for Prospective Marriage Visa. You will have 9 month from the grant of your visa to enter Australia and to marry you partner.
  • After the marriage, you will have to apply for Partner Visa.
Important to know:

Most Partner Visas are processed in two stages, while only in the second stage the holder enjoys the status of a permanent resident. Some partners are eligible for permanent residency immediately.

In your application, you need to demonstrate different aspects of your relationship, namely: financial, social, nature of the household and level of commitment.

If you are applying for Prospective Marriage Visa, you do not have live together or share finance or social life; you do need, however, to know each other personally.

Your marriage (if you are married or plan to marry) must be valid under Australian law.

Partner category visas allow the holders:
  • To live in Australia
  • To work and study in Australia
  • To enrol in Medicare Australia's scheme for health-related care and expenses (Prospective marriage visa holders can do so only after applying for Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)
  • To travel to and from Australia
Visa Charges for main applicants (as of July 2016):
  1. Partner Visa for applicants in or outside Australia: $6865
  2. Prospective Marriage Visa: $6865
  3. Partner Visa for Applicants who hold Prospective Marriage Visa: $1145
  4. Additional fees apply for secondary applicants.
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